Albumen workshop

Albumen workshop is the only workshop of its kind offering an opportunity the learn to intricacies of of one of the most important techniques in history of photography.

The first print making technique that made a real, industrial scale career dominating photography for dozens of years. Suffice it to say, that just one factory making albumenized paper used seventy thousand eggs per day. Albumen print may seem to be a simple technique, in reality, however, it requires considerable knowledge and care in order to get the best results, especially if we aim at full control over the contrast and colour of the print.

We offer a two day practical workshop during which we will not only learn to make albumen prints, but also the more advanced elements of the process. We will learn to prepare a variety of albumen recipes, control the print contrast and use a variety of toners.

Odbitka albuminowa nietonowana - Radosław Brzozowski

During the workshop we will learn to:

  • Prepare matt and glossy albumenized paper using a variety of recipes,
  • increase the image contrast,
  • sensitize the albumenized paper,
  • expose and process the albumen prints,
  • prepare negatives for albumen printing (both large format and digital negatives),
  • tone the albumen prints,
  • prepare the images for presentation in a conservator friendly way.

We also provide an opportunity to print your own negatives (including printing negatives from your own digital files) and to prepare photos in our studio should you wish to do so.

The following will be provided for all the participants:

  • materials necessary for albumen printing including toners,
  • papers appropriate for the technique,
  • albumenized papers,
  • all necessary tools,
  • UV light sources,
  • practice negatives,
  • a fully equipped darkrom,
  • two computers with photo editing software for image selection and edition,
  • facilities to print large format negatives from digital files (4 per person),
  • handout.


Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

maximum number of participants: 6

Duration: 2 days

languages: English and Polish

Price: 220 eu. 

dates: The next workshop is planned for summer 2021. The dates will be published once the covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed.

Location: Tricity School of Photography, Świętojańska 100/6 St., Gdynia: Poland. 

Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo

Link to buy:

We don’t offer accommodation, but will be pleased to give advice where it could be booked.



  1. Hello!

    I would like to register dor the Albumen Workshop in April 2016.
    Is there still a spot free?

    Looking forward to your answer.

  2. Sorry, I sent a wrong email address. the ending is .de

    • It’s ok. I replied to your e-mail; just in case it didn’t get through, the way to book place at the workshop is to simply pay for it and then send your contact details via e-mail. At this point we have open places for the albumen workshop

  3. Hello,
    What are the actual dates?
    I read “dates: April 9-10-6, 2016”
    Is it 2 or 3 days?


    • It is two days – 9th and 10th April. We start in the morning (9 a.m.) and continue till 6 p.m


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