Advanced saltprinting

Most of us associate the saltprint with Talbot and his prints made from paper negatives. We think of saltprints as images of low contrast, we remember about difficulties with getting clear highlights. Consequently many of us are slightly sceptical of the process, unwilling to give it a real try fearing of substandard results. In reality, however, it is one of the most amazing, most beautiful processes in the history of photography. After years of modifications and research it was finally brought to perfection, enabling photographers to create images of unparalleled tonal scale and subtlety, at the same time offering an amazing level of control over the actual contrast of the print.

If you would like to master the intricacies of advanced saltprinting, join the online workshop. During the four hours of intensive work you will:

  • learn more advanced methods of controling the image contrast,
  • learn to modify the recipe of the saltprint in order to obtain better highlights,
  • combine the saltprint and the albumen print to produce matte albumen,
  • learn to use the papers using modifies recipes,
  • learn to use the reducer for manipulating the image,
  • learn to process and modify large format negatives to the needs of salt printing.

The workshop is directed to photographers who have at least the most rudimentary idea about printing with salt. Similarly to our other online workshops it will take the form of a video conference which will not only offer participants an oppotunity to learn new things but also, or maybe above all, an opportunity to discuss and share their ideas and experience as well as to ask questions and get answers from the instructor.

If you are interested in issues connected with toning and image permanence in salt printing, join my workshop devoted to advanced albumen and salt printing, which will address precisely these issues.


Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Duraiton: 4 hours

Price: 25 euros

Promotional price: 18 euros (valid until the end of the restrictions connected with the coronavirus pandemic)

Date: 26th February, 2021, 5 p.m. CET

Language: English


  1. Thanks Radosław,
    the workshop was perfect!!!


    • Thank you:)


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