Booking a workshop

The single unifying idea that connects all our workshops and photographic trips is their highes quality and this in turn means individual treatment offered to all the participants as well as constant involvement on the part of instructors. It also necessitates work in small groups so that we can divide our attention among a limited number of participants and ensure that everyone gets sufficient attention and assistance. This in turn forces us to impose limits on the number of participants for each event.

Booking a workshop

Ambrotype. © Radosław Brzozowski

In order to ensure that a place is booked for you please contact us at:

Please notice that booking a workshop early entitles you to the promotional price.

All payments should be made to:

  • TSF-Trójmiejskie Studio Fotografii Radosław Brzozowski
  • PL 23 1140 2004 0000 3402 7879 7444

We also accept paypal; please contact us for details.