Making a black and white print

For many of us the current revival of film photography is limited to shooting film which is then scanned or, at best, to commissioning prints from a lab. While this works fine for many purposes, it also takes much, if not most of the magic of film photography away. After all, it is the very process of enlarging your image and making a darkroom print that is the most magical part of shooting film. Still, many of us hesitate to delve into traditional printmaking because they fear they lack the necessary knowledge or that it is a complex process requiring expensive, specialist equipment and large space. If you are one of the photographers who would like to experience the real magic of darkroom work, we have prepared an online workshop for you that will demystify the process.

The four hour long online workshop will address all issues connected with beginning to make your own enlargements so as to provide participants with information and skills required to start their own darkroom work.

The programme includes:

  • an introduction to the process with detailed explanation of each step
  • an introduction to creating your own darkroom
  • an overview of materials used in the darkroom including their availability and prices
  • an overview of the necessary/useful equipment and of the technical requirements of the process
  • learning to make contact prints
  • an introduction to image manipulation in the darkroom
  • a presentation of all the steps involved in making a black and white silver gelatin print
  • an introduction to re-touching black and white prints
  • an introduction to archival processing

There will also be ample time for discussions and question so as to make sure all potential doubts and problems have been addressed and participants will be able to start their own, independent work in the darkroom.

If you are also interested in learning to develop your own black and white film, I am also offering a workshop devoted to it.

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 25 euros

Data: 26th January, 2021, 5 p,m, CET

Language: English


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