Cyanotype on unusual surfaces: wood, glass and metal

Cyanotype is one of the most versatile photographic processes, enabling the photographer not only to exercise a considerable level of creativity in preparing the light sensitive materials and preparing the surfaces on which the pictures will be printed but also to print them on unusual surfaces such as metal or wood.

During our four hour workshop  participants will aquire  skills and knowledge allowing them to start printing on a wide range of surfaces from metal to glass. During the workshop, conducted in the form of a video conference the participants will learn to print cyanotype on:

  • metal,
  • glass,
  • fabric,
  • wood.

The methods presented during the workshop will also enable you to print on similar surfaces such as glazed china and some plastics.

During the workshop you will learn to:

  • modify the cyanotype solution for work on various surfaces,
  • prepare various surfaces for printing,
  • sensitize glass, metal, wood and fabric,
  • expose the prints on unusual substrates, for example on convex surfaces,
  • to make simple image transfers,
  • to expose the images on the above surfaces and to process the prints.

The workshop, though based on a live demonstration, will be held in the form of a video conference which means it will not be a simple, one way lecture or presentation. The participants will be able to ask questions at any point, comment on the explanations of the instructor or share observations with other participants which will make the workshop as similar to team work in the darkroom as possible without the necessity to come all the way to Poland.

There will also be time for discussion and sharing tips on organizing a lab (or printing at home) or to simply discuss the participant’s photography.

As a result the four hour workshop will not only give an oprtunity to learn the more advanced ways to use the cyanotype but will also be a wonderful place to exchange experiences and meet more people passionate about alternative photography. The limited number of participants will make free exchange of opinions easier.

The workshop is designed for participants who already know the basics of cyanotype printing.

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski, author of the first Polish cyanotype printing textbook. “Cyjanotypia – Przewodnik praktyczny”

Duration: 4 hrs

The next workshop: 1st June, 2022, 5 p.m. CET

Price: 120 PLN (approx 25 eu)

Link to buy:



  1. Let me know when you are doing this workshop again 🙂

    • We will be repeating it at the turn of August and September

      • The next edition is coming on February 16th

  2. Dears,
    i really would like to subscribe. I wait answer from you.
    Thank you very much

    • The workshop will be repeated on February 16th, 2021:)


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