Vandyke brownprint

Vandyke brownprint is one of the beautiful photographic processes coming from the 19th century, a process allowing us to make prints at home, without a professional darkroom or complicated equipment. Differently than the other popular process from the past, the cyanotype, it enables us to produce prints of pleasing, brownish colour. Similarly to other historical processes, it enables us to create prints of excellent permanence even if a lot of myths have arisen around this process that claim something opposite. Myths resulting only from incorrect or sloppy processing or the use of materials of inadequate quality, i.e. something that can easily be avoided with but a little learning.

For all of you who would like to master this exquisite photographic process, I have prepared an introductory workshop that will offer an opportunity to learn its basics and acquire skills necessary to produce beautiful, archival prints. During the workshop you will learn:

  • learn different ways to coat paper with the light sensitive solution,
  • learn to prepare your own light sensitive materials,
  • learn to prepare digital negatives based on digital images,
  • to create a home lab,
  • to expose your prints correctly,
  • to assess exposure prior to development,
  • to process the prints correctly
  • to mount prints for exposure.

The workshop will be based on demonstration accompanied by a detailed explanation. It will be held as a video conference so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions or simply discuss the process as would normally happen during a workshop in the lab. Participants who already have the materials and equipment will be able to make their own prints under online supervision and using help of the instructor, consulting the results as they work. The limited number of participants will make discussion and exchange of experience easier.

The workshop is suitable for beginners who have no previous experience with either Vandyke brownprint or any other historical processes.


InstructorRadosław Brzozowski

Duration: 4 hrs

Next workshop: 4th June, 2021, 5 p.m. CET

Price: 25eu

Promotional price: 18eu (valid until the end of the coronavirus epidemic)

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