Developing your own black and white film

For all film lovers, the moment when they learn to develop their own negatives is a breakthrough, a milestone on the road towards creative independence. Developing your own film is not only a source of huge satisfaction and considerable financial savings, but above all, it gives you a new, higher level of control over your photographs.

From this moment on, you alone will be responsible for all the mistakes and, above all, for every successful image. What is more, you will get a tool to adjust the negatives used to your individual needs by, to name just one method, push processing them and thus altering their contrast or correcting minute errors of exposure. First of all, however, you will no longer depend on a lab, you will no longer get anxious about the possibility that an error of a total stranger may destroy your fabulous pictures. And you will no longer need to worry whether an imperfection results from your error or that of the lab.

Gaining the ability to develop your own black and white film is particularly attractive as it is relatively easy, does not require complicated equipment or expensive chemicals and can easily be done at home thus saving unnecessary expenditure and providing great fun for the photographer.

For those of you that would want to take this step now, I have prepared a four-hour online workshop during which you will be able to gain all the skills necessary to start developing your black and white negatives at home. During the workshop you will:

  • learn about the chemistry used to develop black and white negative films,
  • learn to use the developing tank,
  • learn the correct process of developing the negatives,
  • learn to avoid typical errors,
  • participate in the whole process of developing a negative – from the moment when it is removed from the camera, through installing it in the developing tank until the moment when the process is over and the negative has been rinsed and dried.

The workshop will be taught in the form of a video conference which will enable free discussion and make it possible to ask questions and obtain answers. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the home darkroom or the choice of basic equipment as well as photography in general.


InstructorRadosław Brzozowski, author of the darkroom textbook „Ciemnia analogowa – Przewodnik praktyczny”

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: 25 eu

Promotiona price: 18 eu (valid until the end of the coronavirus epidemic)

Next workshop: 2nd February, 2021, 5 p.m. CET

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