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It is enough to key ‘photographic course’ into a search engine and we will get hundreds if not thousands of links to courses, workshops and schools of all descriptions. Then why should we think anyone will choose us?


© Radosław Brzozowski, gumprint

The reasons are many: first of all what we invite you to take part in are workshops unlike anything else, workshops devoted to historical processes in photography. The range of workshop and field trips we have prepared is unique in Europe and the only one that gives an opportunity to master all the essential photographic techniques that preceded digital photography.

This choice of subject is not accidental; historical photography has long been our passion and the chosen method of work; our knowledge has been gathered over years of research, experimentation and practical work. Most workshops are taught by Radosław Brzozowski, an alternative photography passionate, owner of one of the largest libraries devoted to alt processes. He is currently responsible for research and quality in Alternative Photographic Products, the only supplier of materials for historical photography in Poland and Central Europe. He also teaches historical processes in the Tricity School of Photography in Sopot and is the author of a bestselling book on nude photography “Fotografia Obnażona” (Photography Exposed). What is most important, he works using alt processes on a daily basis.


© Radosław Brzozowski, gumprint

The next reason is our long experience in teaching. All our tutors are not only expert photographers, authors of exhibitions, albums and books on photography, but first of all experienced teachers supervised by Radosław Brzozowski, a teacher by training and experience (nearly twenty years of teaching career in one of the leading secondary schools in Poland). He is also an author of  bestselling textbooks both on English and Photography.

Alternative/historical and film photography is what we live by on everyday basis, devoting every free moment to taking pictures and making prints. We do constant reseach for Alternative Photographic Products aiming at broadening the range of materials on offer which means that we not only can use the processes we teach, but we also understand the chemistry behind each of them and can share this knowledge with our students.

Each course is a challenge and an opportunity to learn even more – each brings new questions and problems to solve. And this is what we like most.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, carbon transfer

Who the workshops are for

We see a person who attends our workshops as a photographer who has at least some previous photographic experience (might be digital), who intends to learn the more classical, traditional forms of photography or 0ne that has already started experimenting with a given historical process and wants to get more indepth knowledge and controlled practise. Thanks to a limited number of places for each workshop, there is plenty of time for questions. Additionally, many of our workshops are held ‘in the field’ which means the time there is not limited to a given number of teaching hour and the tutor is available all the time. They are also a great opportunity to get extra practice and build your portfolio.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, wetplate ambrotype on glass


2013-01-06 17;40;37

Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, carbon transfer print from a pinhole LF negative


We do many different workshops but we don’t do them often. It is our intention to do each of the workshops once a year so waiting for the next edition might require a bit of patience.


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