Welcome to my world

This is an invitation to enter my world. My photographic world. A world where a digital SLR might be  a useful tool to shoot backstage but is not really your favourite way to take photos. A world of printing inks, organic coloids, ultraviolet light, manually manipulated images that take a whole day to make and so on. Welcome to the world where each picture is a unique expression of your sensitivity and attitude towards the surrounding world.

Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, oilprint

Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, oilprint

Before you have a chance to enter this world during the workshops, you are welcome to glimpse it by looking at the galleries showing some of my photographic projects. All the images you see here are scanned alternative prints, though in some places you will also find some backstage images done digitally.

Enjoy your visit.


  1. Do you provide information on accommodation available such as hotels if attending your workshops?

    • I will be pleased to recommend a few in the vicinity


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