Carbon transfer

Carbon transfer is one of the most important (and beautiful) historical processes; along with gumprint and oilprint it is one of the essential techniques utilizing the light sensitivity of organic coloids sensitized with chromium salts.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, carbon transfer print

Carbon transfer combines power and subtlety and is equally suited to dramatic landscapes, medieval ruins an delicate female nudes. Still, it requires a spacious darkroom where materials can be prepared and prints made. Thanks to the courtesy of the Tricity School of Photography we will have such a workshop at our disposal.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, carbon transfer

We begin work by preparing the necessary materials; carbon papers and transfer papers. This skill will give us increased control over the prints we make and will offer us full creative independence.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, carbon transfer

Both Saturday and Sunday will be divided into two parts; outdoors work when all the participants will have an opportunity to take their own pictures which they will later print using carbon transfer and darkroom work when, using the previously prepared materials, you will have an opportunity to make your own carbon transfers with the assistance of an experienced instructor.

All the participants will be provided with:

  • dinners (Saturday and Sunday),
  • all the facilities necessary for makin carbon transfer prints,
  • materials necessary for making carbon transfer prints( including transfer and carbon papers)
  • two PCs for editing digital files
  • facilities to print large format negatives from digital files (5 pcs),
  • facilities to scan film,
  • materials and facilities to develop black and white negatives (for film users).

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Language: English and Polish

Maksimum number of participants: 10

Cost: 190 euro. For those participants who book at least thirty days in advance, we offer a reduced price of 170 eu.

Date: April 10-12th, 2015.

Location: Gdynia, Poland. Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo

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