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Field workshops

Field workshops offer a unique combination of intensive photographic practice, including both taking our own pictures and mastering the chosen technique under supervision of an experienced instructor and active leisure. This way the time we spend together is not limited to just the time of photographic practice. Once this is over we can sit together at a good supper, drink a glass of ale and talk… about photography or anything else that we find interesting.


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Technical workshops

Technical workshops are where we concentrate only on mastering a particular photographic technique. Rather than divide our time between darkroom practice and photographic sessions we focus entirely on the technical aspects of the process basing our practical work on negatives prepared by the instructor beforehand.


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Creative workshops

Creative workshops combine an opportunity to master a particulat technique with a chance to enrich your portfolio with pictures you take yourself. Rather than limit ourselves to practising the technique using negatives prepared by the tutor, we offer an opportunity to shoot your own photographs that will constitute basis for further practice during the workshop.


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Alternative photographic workshops.

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Carbon transfer

Carbon transfer is one of the most important permanent techniques and as such it used to be one of the most popular ones in the past.  At one time papers for this technique used to be made by the...