Wetplate travels

Ambrotype travels is the only opportunity of its kind not only to learn the secrets of ambrotype, but also to gain real practive in the field.

Ambrotype is one of the oldest and most beautiful photographic techniques allowing the photographers to take unique images on glass. Unfortunately, due to technical constraints connected with collodion wetplate photography, most workshops are tied to studios and photographic darkrooms thus limiting both the available photographic subjects and potential for creation.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, wetplate ambrotype on glass

The field workshop we have prepared is different than any other and was designed specifically to give you the kind of practical experience not usually available. Rather than offer a stationary course held in a school, club or guest house, we invite you to participate in a unique travelling wetplate field workshop; a one of its kind opportunity to get field practice and build a varied portfolio in one go. As we will not be limited to staying in one place, close to a traditional darkroom, there will be nothing to stop us from following our fascination and choosing photographic subjects and locations, though this will, of necessity, be built around the original plan of the workshop. In order to ensure the biggest possible variety of photographic subjects the workshop is held on the beautiful Polish coast, in an area combining coastal landscapes, urban architecture and amazing medieval castles. There will also be professional models with 19th century style clothes and professional make up.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, wetplate ambrotype on glass

The maximum number of participants for each workshop is just four. We put at your disposal two mobile darkrooms; one in the shape of an adapted van, and the other, a more traditional portable one so as to enable unlimited freedom of taking pictures.


Our mobile darkroom in the field

Each day of our four day long trip will be devoted to a different photographic subject so that we have an opportunity to shoot landscape, cityscape as well as people; both portraits and vintage fashion.

The programme of the workshop covers:

  • introduction/revision of the wetplate programme including preparing chemicals and glass as well as actual taking of photos,
  • a test shoot with our model done in the Tricity School of Photography in Gdynia,
  • a stylised session in the Abbot’s Gardens in Gdańsk Oliwa,
  • a landscape shoot in the Cashubian Lake District,
  • a stylised session done in Puck,
  • a landscape/documentary session in the fishing harbour in Władysławowo,
  • an urban landscape session in Gdynia.

The price includes:

  •  dinners (Wednesday through Sunday),
  • assistance of an instructor,
  • all the materials necessary for the wetplate collodion process (including 13×18 and 18x24cm glass plates, collodium, sensitizer, developer, thiosulphate fixer and sandarac varnish),
  • constant access to the mobile darkrooms,
  • models and MUA/sylist,
  • detailed handout

Instructor:  Radosław Brzozowski; the author of Ambrotype – a practical guide

Price: 620 Euros


Location: Gdynia and selected locations in the pomeranian district

Meeting Place: Gdynia, Tricity School of Photography, Wierzbowa 34 Street.

Nearest airport: Gdańsk, Lech Wałęsa Airport

Though we don’t provide accommodation, we will be pleased to offer advice as to where it can be found.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, wetplate ambrotype on glass



  1. Hi
    I’m really interesed in this workshop.
    Could you please send me the whole information and the inscription forme.
    Best regards

    • Please contact me by mail. It will be easier to answer specific questions:)

  2. Hi!

    Do you still have a place for the collodion workshop in May?


    • Yes, we still do

  3. Are you planning to do workshops in 2022? Please send to my Email Address. I thank you in advance.

    • Yes we are planning workshops in 2022. We don’t have the dates yet, though.


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