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If you have had enough of brief courses/workshops during which all participants diligently copy practice negatives prepared by their tutor and leave the workshop with identical pictures that are not really theirs, if you don’t want another nine to five course where the cleaning lady pointedly knocks on the door half an hour before it should end, then our workshop is just perfect for you.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, technika olejowa

We would like to invite you to take part in a unique workshop devoted entirely to oilprinting, during which you will have an opportunity to shoot your own photos which you will print with the assistance of an experienced instructor as oilprints, thus learning the intricacies of oilprinting and making your own, unique photos.

The oilprint, along with its sister process of bromoil is one of the three most important manipulative techniques, especially popular with pictorial photographers. It is a technique offering an unrivalled manual control over the appearance of the resulting print combined with perfect rendition of details.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, technika olejowa

After the participants register in their hotel, we will start work on preparing materials; oilprinting papers which will later be used to make your prints. After all preparing materials is an essential skill in alternative photographic processes and it is nearly impossible to talk about artistic independence without it. There will also be time for a quick introduction to the process, as well as an explanation of how the image is formed.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, odbitka olejowa

The remaining part of the workshop will be divided between field work when your photographs will be taken, and the time spent in the darkroom (of course under constant supervision of the instructor), when your photographs will be turned into oilprints. This will be an opportunity not only to learn the secrets of oilprinting, but also to have fun with pictures, compare frames and spend time pleasurably. This way, all participants will leave the workshop with their own pictures.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, odbitka olejowa

Just in case, ready made oilprinting papers will also be available.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, odbitka olejowa

At our disposal we will have all necessary materials and equipment reguired for making oilprints as well as for preparing large format negatives from digital files. This way participation will not be limited to the users of large format cameras.


Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, technika olejowa

The fee covers:

  • accommodation in double rooms with bathrooms (Friday through Sunday),
  • breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday as well as dinners from Friday through Sunday
  • all materials necessary for mailing oilprints and preparing oilprinting paper,
  • a computer station for editing digital images,
  • materials for printing large format negatives from digital files (6pcs per person)
  • professionally prepared model,
  • constant participation of an experienced instructor.

instructor:  Radosław Brzozowski

maximum number of participants: 6

Price: 290 eu. It is also possible to book the workshop without accommodation at the price of 230 eu.

Datre: September 18-20, 2015

Location: The Tricity School of Photography, 34 Wierzbowa St. Gdynia.



Ⓒ Radosław Brzozowski, technika olejowa



  1. dear reader, I was looking for antique photo printing techniques when I came to your site. I am very impressed by your beautiful photos. I really would like to take part in one of your courses but I am afraid it will not be possible because I live on the caribean Island Bonaire.
    I am looking for techniques to print photos on Metal, wood or silk. `is this also possible with your techniques? Or is it only possible to print on paper.
    And, there is not much chemicals available here. SO witch techniqe would best for me?
    Thanks for answering my questions!
    Many greetings
    Harm Jan van Dijck

    • We’ve had participants from the USA, so I guess the Caribean is also possible. Some of the techniques we do can be used to print on wood, others on silk and other fabrics. Metal is also possible for some of them


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